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It starts with their fathers making them feel like a princess their entire lives, regardless of how they behave or carry themselves. Essentially they feel they have the right to conduct themselves like complete bitches, often acting as if you are lucky to be in their presence, let alone speak to them. They look on from afar while knocking back chicken nachos, sucking down mojitos, whispering among themselves about how awful the younger women you socialize with are, simultaneously judging us on how we could even want to talk to them to begin with. When I was younger, and had not yet taken the red pill of freedom, this really bothered me. All images on this site as well as the site itself is Copyright RK. We Live Together December 5, You are not that special, Beyonce.

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Being the case, I have seen one cycle repeated at least a good three to four times over by now.

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Come on ladies, give us a break… you are one OF a million, not one IN a million. We Live Together July 25, Sure some girls are never desirable, or some may bust their ass in the gym and remain relevant far longer. We Live Together January 30, Simple, the RED pill. I tell them, be patient… mother nature will humble these chicks like nothing else, permanently.

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