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When Tano asked how long she would be on guard duty, Windu responded by extending the punishment. She also told them that she had to depart "to answer questions that need answering. She then opened the hatched and hauled the pilot out. They were able to escape before the mega-ion cannon 's blast wave reached them. She wished the Force to be with Ezra Bridger and headed down into a dark tunnel.

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Despite Vader's ruthlessness and power, Tano bravely continued the fight.

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Without telling Fardi that his youngest daughter Hedala was Force sensitive, Tano told him that she was special and to be careful with her. Though it initially appeared deserted, they soon discovered a group of farmers in hiding, under the protection of a group of bounty hunters. Drawing from her own experience of being unable to save her master, Tano successfully convinced Bridger to let Jarrus go, and they parted ways, promising to find each other again as Tano went back to Malachor and resumed her journey. Later, Skywalker devised a plan to ram the Defender directly into the blockade, thus taking out Tuuk in the process, and allowing the full bulk of their forces, under the command of Tano, to finish the job by taking out the rest of the blockade while Skywalker jettisoned himself in an escape pod. When the rebels were safe and away from Mustafar, Tano revealed her identity and told them that they were part of a wider rebel movement. When the conference started, Tano found Sing and stopped her attempt.

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star wars the clone wars ahsoka hot naakt
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