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After 3 Februarythe definition was revised through the Criminal Law Amendment Actwhich also raised the legal age of minor to eighteen. Tuesday, April 24, It's A Wrap: During investigation the said strip containing two tablets was recovered from near the Devisthan on the disclosure and at the instance of JCL. They can feel attraction for a friend or any individual of the same or opposite sex. During investigation conducted by Crime Branch it has been established on the basis of oral, scientific as well as documentary evidence that the victim was neither kept in captivity at Cow shed nor had she been killed on the spot from where her dead body was recovered thus rendering the entire story created by accused SI Dutta as farce and far from truth. Censorship Internet Films about social issues Freedom of expression Social impact of Indian soap opera. In AprilJudge Virender Bhat has suggested that the legal proposition of relying upon the sole attestation of the victim became "an easy weapon" to incriminate anyone in rape case.

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These 6 Indian cities have the highest rate of crimes against women".

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Retrieved 30 January Gender, Oppression and the Politics of Neoliberalism. This apart the accused SI Dutta deliberately did not conduct the search of Devisthan for tracing out the missing girl. During investigation call details of mobile phones used by the accused persons were obtained from concerned quarters. Gender Disparity in India: India, Pakistan and the unending war.

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