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In Venice of the s, when the Holy Inquisition goes after the courtesan class that is prominent among the elite, we see three beautiful women bound to overhead beams in a public courtyard, their dresses ripped open in the back, showing bright red stripes from recent floggings which are not shown. But once he steps inside her mansion, there's no getting away. Sean discovers that the rescue was a false alert and discovers that it was Councilman McKenna's own son who was calling in the false alerts which put Jenna and Zack in danger in the first place. Nightmare Castle aka Night of the Doomed - Barbara Steele and her lover get whipped in the uncut version of this film. Matt shows up later on and offers his help to fix the computers, and he's able to do so right before the sponsor shows up. Queen Kelly - Erich Von Stroheim's unfinished masterpiece has a scene where the title character, played by Gloria Swanson, is whipped out of a castle by an evil queen.

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Top 10 Memorable Swimming Pool Scenes

What helps this scene work well is that none of the girls can be sure that she won't be next. Alex helps them to locate the zodiac from the air in her new lifeguard invention Air Sea - an airplane that can both fly and work as a boat. Craig is knocked unconscious. It is first shown in long shot where you can't really tell what's happening then it just cuts to show the women's faces as the whip fakely hits there bodies out of shot. Allen plays a something comedy writer involved with a high school girl Mariel Hemingway —the guy even finds it amusing when his girlfriend ends a date because she has to study for a test. Meanwhile, when April sees a man having a heart attack, she calls for backup and heads for the water. When Mitch and April arrive to Bayguard, they see Arnold paying off a stuntman.

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