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What do girls put up their vaginas? What is the proper way for a boy to put his fingers in a female's vagina? Can a girl put her finger in her vagina? The proper way is to first rub her clitoris and make her wet. Then after she is more wet, insert the middle finger in too and rub the upper wall of the vagina hard continuing to rub the clit.

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You put sperm on your fingers and you put it up your vagina are you pregnant? In Human Anatomy and Physiology. A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnant? Putting sperm into the vagina doesn't mean that you are pregnant, but it could lead to pregnancy. If you think that you might be pregnant, don't wait. That would be down to the personal preferences of the the girl involved. She is still a virgin, She would have to have sexual intercourse, in order to lose her virginity.

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a boy putting his finger in a girl vagina
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a boy putting his finger in a girl vagina
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